Child Protective Services

What Is Child Protective Services (CPS) & What Are CPS Investigations?
The CPS program investigates allegations of child abuse and neglect by parents or other family or household members.

If needed, CPS may refer parents to services for help. These services may help them solve their problems and learn how to care for and discipline their children in ways that do not harm them or put them at risk of abuse or neglect. These services may include counseling, day care, homemaker services, evaluation, treatment, and parenting classes.

CPS caseworkers have identification cards. Ask to see your caseworker’s DFPS identification card if you want to know if they really work for CPS.

Why is CPS visiting my family?
State law requires anybody who believes that a child has been abused or neglected to make a report to the Child Protective Services (CPS) program of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) or to a law enforcement agency. The law requires CPS to investigate these reports to protect children.

Do I need a lawyer? How do I get one?
You have the right to consult with a lawyer at any point in the investigation at your own expense. If CPS files a lawsuit regarding your children, you may ask the court for a lawyer to represent you. The court may or may not be able to provide you with a lawyer based on court rules and your financial situation. In some communities, Legal Aid may be available, or you can contact the local bar association or call Lawyer Referral Service at the State Bar of Texas (1-800-252-9690). CPS employees are prohibited by law from giving legal advice.