Deferred Adjudication

The Arlington Municipal Court gives this option to most people. In Arlington, Texas, a prosecutor may offer this option to you. It usually means that they will make you pay a high fine and put you on 90-day probation period (within the City of Arlington). If you do not get another ticket within the City of Arlington during those 90 days, the court will dismiss your speeding or moving violation and it will not be on your record. But if you are convicted of another speeding violation, then most likely the court will not dismiss your ticket and it will go on your record.

If you have an attorney, they can usually reduce the fine and see about possible reducing the length of probation.

Is deferred adjudication a good option for me?
Well, it depends on the facts surrounding your case. For example, if you get a speeding ticket in Arlington, Texas and agree to defer adjudication, it could be a good or bad decision for you. If you live in Austin and will never travel through Arlington, you do not have to worry about getting a ticket and violating your probation. But if you live and work in Arlington, then you may be putting yourself more at risk of violating your probation.