Things You Must Know About Your DWI/Public Intoxication

If you are facing a DWI or have recently got arrested for a public intoxication case here are some simple tips you should know.

1. You have the right to speak with an attorney.

Most people know this but few understand how important this is for you. You can speak to a lawyer of your choosing and one you want to hire; you do not have to go with a court-appointed attorney.

2. Do not try and talk you way out of the charge.

Most people think they can outsmart the prosecutor without the help of an attorney; you cannot. Trying to “talk your way out” will only make things worse.

3. Everything you say to a prosecutor can be used against you.

You may not realize but something you tell a prosecutor may seriously hurt your case. One small lie or one slip of the tongue could mean a conviction.

4. The effects of this arrest or ticket can and usually do last a lifetime.

There is nothing you can do take back what happened but you can take steps to limit how many problems it will cause in the future. The first step is speaking with a criminal defense attorney and find out what rights you have.

5. Google does not have a law degree or experience with Tarrant County, Texas courts but we do.

Most people think they can Google a question, read an article and handle any legal problem. Usually that does not work. Every court has its own local rules and has a certain way of doing things. Not to mention, laws vary from city to city and state to state. Do not trust your case to a free Internet search. Contact us here in Arlington, Texas and we can help.